Friday, April 8, 1994

Top Twenties [Pre-blog]

A fascination of mine always has been music but remembering exactly what came out before after a significant single for instance can be hard going which was one reason during my mid to late teens I borrowed then bought a number books about that not least the evergreen  Top Twenty books covering British hit 45's.
 The strength of this series of books was it provided a short essay on the years 45's and then followed by a month by month chart rundown starting with the first week of the month and then adding in any new entries which makes finding your way round the charts easier and certainly less of a chore than either listing per position or printing separate charts per week.
It also has some increasing information as you get into the 1970's about albums too that I recall having or people playing to me.
One function of music as I found during 1986 through 87 was it has this ability to to take my mind back to situations people and events so seeing a listing will place me in that period of my life so for me this isn't just a  hobby tool but an important part of my age regression reconnecting with my inner child.

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