Monday, July 24, 2017

Stitched memories

If there is one past in the present moment in this life I'd love to recreate anew then this experience would be one on my list of five I'd put toward the top of it.
You see, for me visiting grandma's meant many things, playing games usually the sorts of games we either never had or perhaps no one would of thought I'd love like connect four, or tv shows my folks had issues with but talking with her about what was being shown and soft drinks and biscuits.
To me that was more fun than being locked into a car for three-quarters of an hour on your own and we'd make things from either paper or even make cakes.
The big thing was near enough every other week I'd be measured and we'd go through knitting patterns as she hand knitted nearly every single cardigan or sweater I had adapting the instructions to get a perfect fit on me usually at the same time and the same style as my female cousins in either dusty pink a odd mixture of bluesy pink, red or grey.
So outside of school uniform, I never owned a machine made one into past my teens often on a similar style to the one on the right.
It's enough to know she's very much missed by me.

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