Friday, April 28, 2017

A tribute to Leo

Every Thursday come rain or shine there was one thing that British schoolchildren looked forward to and even though it is online only today, it is the same and that is the children's comic, the Beano that mirrored chunks of your world with stories about home and school life together with stories from far away lands.
 This is a good example as any of a pre 1990's edition with Dennis the arch menace, his dog, Gnasher up to no good with 'soppy' Walter not that Dennis and his chums didn't get their come-uppance by "the powers that be" which you could say was the message although we all laughed at them.
This comic had a team of cartoonists of which one instrumental member Leo Baxendale died on Thursday, draw the Bash Street Kids and Minnie The Minx who remain even very popular characters. R.I.P Leo.

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  1. Bless you for marking the death of Leo Baxendale. I'd love to talk further about the "Beano", and in particular Minnie The Minx. They were so formative in my childhood. Do get in touch if you want on michaelmitchell48 at outlook dot com.