Monday, February 6, 2017

Getting set to go

There will be something of a break after today's edition as I'll be away for several days and indeed as I type I'm busy doing things connected with just that such as deciding what I'm going to taking to wear, making sure it's all fresh and making a check list so I can be sure I have everything I need packed although I tend to pack things in groups systematically rather than odd bits at a time.
I finally completed the music quiz late last week, reviewed it and today got the questions and my master answer sheet printed out  although I had to borrow a printer as my old HP one's ink had given up the ghost and I couldn't be sure of getting any ordered ink in time.
I most likely won't be about much on Tumblr with being busy this week although I have been  enjoying my time on there rather more than I had in the recent past, just getting to grips with checking any are happy with any kind of interaction from me but not letting some of intercommunial spats affect me anyway cos some of these things just tend to be brief intensive things that left alone die of death anyway so much so in say six months time looking back you tend to think "We're we really that obsessed with that?"
It's like the tag business mainly it's that we do the same thing but my goodness you can't say you're in littlespace - that space you're regressed in - but some other word instead.
I think part of the reason I'm so out of that endless discourse is that I'm just doing it on my terms, no guru's, no master book of littledom to follow for myself learning to share littlespace with others who are doing it themselves in a atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding of each other in the so-called real world. It's also the atmosphere I like about the Tumblr LilTot's community cos generally we operate the same way which more closely mirrors real life that a good number of others.
So goodbye for now, be good and have fun as I sure will be!

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