Thursday, December 15, 2016

Thursday ramblings

Tomorrow I'll be in town just to get a few things in ready for Christmas as that will be the focus of my activities so the likes of FA, tumblr and even old school blogging will begin to drop off as in truth they are only possible due to spare time and I have less of it this time of year.
I see this blogs posts  dropping to one a week and I may take a break completely from one Tumblr and cut back on the other which to an extent I have been doing this week as apart from the time it takes, inter community bickering and accusations just takes its toll on me emotionally as paradoxically it does judging from those who do it too.
The time is better spent on putting cards  and presents in groups  to take out with me visiting friends and family lifting spirits and spreading goodwill.
Incidentally, thank yoo Jennifer for de card that arrived Tuesday.

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