Monday, October 24, 2016

More G.O * fiction

I've been busy removing the modern re-written Famous Five and Secret Seven editions ready to go to a charity as they're in good condition but the text is so altered the original art is out of sync with the altered text!
With the Secret Seven's so far I have the first ten plus the three that came after it so in time they'll all be in hard back original texts.
This lesser known author wrote Jill At Hazelmere in nineteen sixty-four and Jill Investigates both borrowing from the Girl comic strip series Wendy and Jinx school based adventures where both are Forth Formers.
It's the very sort of book I love and actually it's the first time I've owned a copy - mine's from nineteen sixty-six  although I'm sure saw a copy at boarding school in the Seventies.
Sadly the Girls Comic site which had extracts from many British girls comics including Girl that was published between nineteen fifty-one and nineteen sixty-four has disappeared as has the site where mainly older  junior fiction was discussed.
Trying to find a G.O* or mainly G.O discussion board where such staples of the junior fiction I read back then is proving difficult.

*G.O = Girls Only, the very girl centric type of novel or comic writing usually about schools, horses and princesses.

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  1. Joanne

    I have the full set of the "GIRL" yearly annuals.
    They are a very good read.