Friday, June 10, 2016

Oxide edition

Phew, what a hot weekend,eh? Not that I'd of missed any of it  for anything in the World you understand but you don't really want to resemble a well cooked Lobster!
I rested for a day and  a bit taking the trouble to ensure I got my sleep in as sometimes the things that may if I'm not paying sufficient attention put me at risk of accidents happen in part because I'm tired and it makes sense to deal with it.
 When you next raise yourself from your chair or propel your wheelchair, do look at this picture and check the year of your calendar, you know the one on your wall as it was taken in 2016, honest!
Two long playing records 30cm (or 12" to Brits and Americans) pictured next to a cassette and its case complete with filled out J-card (insert) that hold a recording of both records with a TDK tape from the period 1977 thru 1978!
It is my handwriting on it, really, I'm not just some internet blogger, I am very much for real and that tape is from my collection as are the records which are my originals from when I was younger at least officially!
I did actually record a few tapes from records this week from my new to me turntable that turned out well on some still sealed tapes from the late 90's as apart from a few most of my last cassettes from that period came from compact discs, sometimes rearranged a bit usually for playing on personal players as changing a tape was easier than a cd those days.

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