Monday, April 11, 2016

Music on the go Part II

You might remember the post about the new to me cassette machine, heard the 'clicks' in chat, and might of been thinking "Okay so you have this machine but just what are you going to do about listening to them on the go" especially as it's been 19 years since I had anything remotely portable that wasn't digital like a cd portable, a minidisc portable player or my beloved Fiio's that play stuff off Micro SD cards? I mean being stuck to a mains plug is rather limiting.

Well, you might just recall  how I write about the first cassette walkman, a portable battery player, I bought in the mid 80's and how that enabled you to play cassettes On The Go, well I bought a replacement to it after all that time!
It too is an Aiwa from the  late 80's - never again a Sony!!! - and although it doesn't reverse the tape for you, it does have Dolby for playing tapes you made with Dolby B correctly which that one didn't, a tape selector and a really handy thing called a stereo FM/AM  radio with presets no less so you can listen to broadcasts with a powerful output stage for good quality headphones.
 Living in the 80's!
Seriously younger persons reading this blog, we didn't have this downloading music from iTunes thing so you either made your own tapes up or you went to your local store - Sam The Man, HMV or for Brits Woolworths - and walked out with a ready done one with art work you slotted into the player and pressed Play!
Those three pre-recorded ones are my originals from the early 80's, UK Imports cos tapes in North America were not generally as good and they messed up the songs and tracks on UK bands albums for good measure.
The first one has just a square reduced version of the front lp jacket and merely lists the songs on the inside, the centre one extends the art concept of the to the rear of the inlay card and has a bit more information while the third has a redesign of the album cover and some of the lp sleeve notes printed.

Here's the spines of a few more-you spot what I was talking about on the spine of Rio - and that some used better quality tape and duplication techniques.
 Some on this group were the last pre-recorded cassettes in 1997 I bought being of particularly high quality sound, long playing times and extensive inlay notes about the music.

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