Friday, March 11, 2016

Bouncing about

It's been an odd week for emotions which at times it can be  with me cos when I really feel things then it just is sometimes to the exclusion of much else and there's a lot of that "help out your playmate" in me that shows when she's in need of it.
That took me back a bit in time mentally...
Time was when skipping just for the fun of it was one of my favourite activities outside of any formal games or PE usually involving a traditional knotted rope with wooden handles that actually I kept up until I was about sixteen.
Part of it I think was being in control of my body, making it move which with my disabilities is hard going as it feels often like there's several internal wires missing carrying that information so I can't 'summon' it to move to will, something that perplexed many an adult.
Actually I got pretty good at it.
The other side of it is it makes me feel very girlish, just jumping and skipping from side to side in a carefree way and I think I'm in need of carefree spaces so something like that say at next Camp might just be the thing ideally in pink gingham.

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  1. "gingham, girlish, carefree, skipping." We should all have sweet dreams tonight now :D