Monday, March 7, 2016

Around the snow edition!

The number of times a period of fifty-two weeks elapses in my life is considerable but in truth I'm never really older is in feeling simply because I am incapable of getting older that way and in lots of ways in real life more than perhaps for some through age-play, I remain forever young.

This return trip saw me have a good number cards from family and relatives although because here in the UK because they had Mothering Sunday on the same day that meant not just more going on it meant both Mom and I being at a joint meal.
There's a down to earth local public house here within a few minutes walk that often has people we know in so we went for a joint meal where I opted for Vegetable soup, a Turkey Roast  and Chocolate Fudge Pudding with ice cream which was delicious.
I had a couple of books by my favourite living authoress
A modern retelling of What Katy Did that I kinda missed out on reading for some reason or other
The latest part in the Hetty Feather historical adventure series that came out late last year in big book aka Hard Back form.
They arrived by courier less than half an hour before I was due to go out!!!
I had some money from my folks a brother and an aunt which can diverted to something appropriately little and some Amazon vouchers from my older brother that I'll need to look at how to get them to my account as techno stuff just loses me at times.

I had also like a good number of Middles and Littles  the Disney animated full length emotion movie Inside/Out on dvd and a few cds although I tend to get them through across the year whereas when I was younger they tended to be more things I had at birthdays and Christmas's
I'll conclude by thanking my friends on various sites for their birthday wishes.

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