Friday, February 5, 2016

More Rollermania

It is Friday apparently and there is actually another entry this week...
 A loud high pitched scream is heard, several heads look puzzled and Sammy's covered her ears up. What could possibly produce such a reaction in Jo?
Easy, anything connected to the band she was in love with in her Tweens, screaming at the television at, covering her bedroom walls with pictures of Woody, that's what!
Toss in strong Lothian  accents, more plaid than the Edinburgh Wool shop stocks and simple, easy to sing a long to songs and you have it plus she wrote about it a time or two.
I'd definitely recommend covering your ears up as Jo's gotten this, a kind of cd replacement for her original lps imported from the UK (Dang American companies mixing up the songs and adding extra strings on the local copies) covering the first five essential albums from 1974 to 1977 that were played to death back then in card sleeves that have the front and back covers. She says these were original 'gatefolds' but the only gate I know is the one at the end of our path.
She's only one you'll find who could quote the lyrics to "Give a Little Love" and sing along to Rock n' Roll Love Letter" for  more times than anything by the Beatles and thinks "Summerlove Sensation" is the best ever pop record, period.
Worrying I saw her copy this on her 'puter  and put it on her music player the other day so she might have it on her when you next see her...

Regards Marmalade,  the original sticky ginger cat and proud member of the North Staffordshire Tom Cat Club.

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