Monday, January 11, 2016

Jo is to study things she dislikes

It's January 2016 so moving on to one of the first posts of the year, we're starting as we mean to go on.
First off, my BBF the Middle 'L'  and I are going to be helping and supporting each other as Middles with disabilities (we have dyslexia and difficulties in processing what people say to us in common) who have problems in navigating the adult world and do mess up with our attitudes and behaviour.
We also have to wear our uniforms 'at home'.
I will be 'returning to school' this year, working on my numeracy and literacy which although I can turn out a pretty respectable blog struggle with things like grammar, comprehension and on the math side long multiplication and division.
Apart from working on those areas, it's also to help train me more around staying focused, working to order by myself and putting the effort in to do the very best I can which I have not always done to be honest.
We'll be working to the English Key stage 3 which is toward the upper end of my actual limits through proper workbooks and study guides.

My work be overseen by my Caregiver so I'll be guided and corrected by them to our agreed terms which the chances of getting away with anything will be very low which may be very strict but to be honest that's what I need.
Things kicked off with softer introduction on Saturday where I had to say in and do the set work.
Although I didn't  start straight away which was dealt with, I did soon get going working through the Study notes around what Text is and the basics of comprehension which was followed in the afternoon by some work in the same area from the Workbook where I had answer questions which were marked. I got 85%.
My BFF got her work all done too so supporting each other did pay off for both of us.
Learning self discipline and having self respect  is important for Middles like me so working toward that matters and any help with that would be appreciated.

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