Saturday, May 25, 2013

Brb sidechange

Well the bank holiday weekend starts here with sun even in Manchester of all places so being out of doors is kinda on the horizon even if you take some creature comforts with you which these days might include your cellphone or e-book reader.
However for some of the stuff we'd of taken with us would of been different way back in the day such as portable record players, a radio or even a tape player for entertainment like this cult 70's singles player you just slot the disc into  and it plays.
Wacky technology like this is what some of us grew up with and before anyone laughs people did try having an in car version too!!! The draw back being the need to change disc every few minutes which isn't too practical while driving and requiring a fair number of discs in the portable version to keep you entertained something like ten of an hours worth or so of playing.
That's  why If I'm chatting to you   and you see "Brb side change" you'll know I'm spinning discs and had get up to change disc side and clean the side before resuming play! They're part of the rituals of living in my time although I usually spin long players.

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  1. Although of course, 33 1/3 rpm LPs, being about a foot in diameter, are ever-so-slightly less portable than other forms of media :)

    I remember once on Tomorrow's World, someone had invented a turntable that used something like five lasers instead of a stylus to play conventional records (not CDs!), allegedly without the crackling often associated with records (IIRC caused by a build-up of dust, hence the velvety cloths used to clean them).