Thursday, March 21, 2013

Chilling little style

Well Sammy's moved so while Ik is down I thought I'd get this weeks entry written up.
One of things I recall thinking about heaps was about everything that would happen after the last period of afternoon school finished. When I went to day school it was kind of easy in that you'd pair off with a few friends and call in at the neighbourhood store to fix some candy to share while you talked about the day and what you thought of Master x's lesson.
At boarding school we had it back in the dorm but because tea was early it was frowned on as it 'spoilt your tea' so you'd leave them for later or weekends.
I have always loved lollipops still walk around the sidewalks  licking them that speaks volumes about me I guess.
Actually I have a pinafore dress not a million miles like that of the girl on picture and used to read while sucking on a lollipop so perhaps one way to visualize me is think of that girl at least in spirit if not in dress. The only thing that matters is having fun reading and sucking your lollipops.


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  1. Dear Joanne your new blog entry "Chilling little style" was one of the happiest stories I've read in a long while. I could clearly imagine you and your friends going to the neighborhood store after school for candy to share or saving it up for later in your dorm. What a wonderful time you must of had back then! I could also picture you quite well, dressed in similar fashion to the girl..

    Colleen Cawood