Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cross Words

Fairly recently a new Christopher Cross compilation entitled Cross words - The Best of was issued by Music Club a label of Demon Music Group Ltd in the UK.
What is interesting about this release is it is a double cd and a very inexpensive one at that which, wait for it, holds 36 of his songs spread across the discs covering his commercially successful period at Warner Bros.
The tracks cover a wider view of his work and whilst being all properly licensed there is no mention of who did the cd mastering amongst the booklet that has a short biography of the man and pictures of the album covers from which the tracks have been taken
I have to say whoever did the job did a very good job as the sound just expands beautifully on the louder passages as if you bought the records back then you'll know just how engineered the originals were and I'd consider it demonstration worthy.
On cd I only had his first album which is responsible for four singles "Say You'll Be There", " Sailing", "Ride Like The Wind" and Never Be The Same" that all always on the radio in late '79 and 1980 and remain popular.
He was responsible for the song "Arthur's Theme" from the 1981 movie which was a massive seller on the singles chart back then and yes another song still popular with many.
The second album "Another Page" was released in January 1983 and featured "All Right" which was if I can recall correctly the 'lead off' single and "Think of Laura which was popularized in some American Soap - might of been General Hospital - and was a top twenty smash in the late fall of '83.
The original cd of this was not good sounding at all so I tossed mine across the sidewalk and stuck with the lp and 8 track tape which added "Arthur" for programming reasons.
The good news with this set is actually it has every single track from "Another Page" and boy does it sound good and indeed you can having copied the disc to your computer/music server create a playlist for it so it all runs in the right order!
No Time To talk - disc 1 tk5
Baby Says no - disc 2 tk9
What am I supposed to do? - disc2 tk10
Deal 'em again disc2 - tk11
Think of Laura - disc1 tk6
All right - disc2 tk2
Talking in my sleep - disc2 tk12
Nature of the game- disc2 tk13
Long world - disc2 tk14
Words of wisdom disc2 tk 15

For an incredible £4.99 shipped from Amazon UK this a bargain as well as a great introduction to this singer songwriter.

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