Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Panda Go Panda!

Originally released back in May 2009 I missed getting this dvd until prompted buy discussion in chat and a too good to be true offer by Amazon.
This is the acclaimed produced Hayao Miyazaki first ever production from 1972 which wasn't seen outside of Japan .
Cheerful Mimiko has a very strange family for a little girl - a Panda for her Papa, and his son, Panny, calls her Mom! Join this happy family and their many adventures! When Panny follows Mimiko to school, he must pretend to be a teddy bear so Mimiko won't get into trouble, but everyone wants a cute Panda! Despite his efforts to behave, Panny causes trouble in the school kitchen, and now the whole school is after Panny! Then, Panny makes a new friend, Tiny, a baby tiger who's wandered off from the circus. Getting Tiny back to his mom becomes the first adventure, but after a hard rain, the whole town is flooded and Mimiko, Papa Panda and Panny must rescue Tiny and other animals from the trapped circus train
I think the panda's awful cute.

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