Sunday, April 3, 2011


Next week's going to be a bit busy so I'm working on this post a bit earlier than normally I would to make the most of the time available.
Anyone who's visited a certain site will have noticed that apart from a bright, colourful make over with quicker loading templates and chat clients, some more people have joined outside the usual circle who like us are misunderstood and sometimes even attacked on online communities without justification. This sites owner talked about having a wider group whose interest still the same as the sites (lg&ab/dl) talking about the need for toleration as well as how one group sometimes takes the huff at another.
That's what I'm going talking about this week from the way that I see it.
What do you think 'toleration' is?
I'm sure you've heard people say "I'm a tolerate person" but do they mean by that they ignore those ideas and activities they themselves don't do?
My personal feelings are that many people use their own practise regarding what you should think and do as the arbiter of what is right which is fine as everyone has different ideas on how to live their own lives but what happens when you met someone who does things different shall we say?
Some people are quite open in expressing disapproval sometimes to the point of disassociating themselves from that person (you've no doubt heard of people disowned by family and so on) and at times you can understand it when say a person has injuried or killed another.
Some as I was talking about before say "I'm tolerant" but when you scratch the surface they disaprove of the idea or life of the person in reality ignoring whatever gets their ire so while they may appear to be tolerant deep down their not because they don't accept the vailidity of the other persons ideas and practice.
I'd like to say often these people are good people and certainly nobody is perfect - I'm sure not - but if something about you let's say for me it's be my Lg side it leads to a being at the "OK Corral" in state of perpectual unease around each other is that healthy?
What I try to practise is what I call "Active Toleration".
Let me explain.
I have certain views as to what I feel is right especially that is right for me to be thinking and doing many of which arise from my religious beliefs and some will be different than yours. Unless you're advocating violence, abuse or something of that nature my first step is actually a 'no step' that's to say I do nothing and continue in my relationship with you but the added bit is I try to understand you. Why you do the things you do, why it matters even if I may be a little nonplussed about the whole thing cos actually I love you as the whole person.
I may go to places with you or visit your online community to find out a little more a bit this part of you. You see that's the 'active' part that makes the difference. Understanding.
Sometimes it can seem there's a hierachy in Trans, Lg and the ab/dl circle with the dls and the furries being toward the bottom sometimes being ignored or ridiculed in ways that we ourselves sometimes are by the vanilla world. Well although I'm not ab and/or dl and currently lack a fursuit, I'm not rejecting you as you're fine as you are as people and as you have a 'Inner Child' side I agree with the sites owner.
You should be able to express all of that with us and yes join us for Chat because we have that in common.
Wear your fursuit with pride!
Hugs, Jo

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