Sunday, February 27, 2011

When two world collide

Sometimes I like to talk about the more lighthearted joyous sides of being LG and their are other occasions when while preserving some delicacy, I sometimes feel like talking about more serious matters.  
Today is more like the latter I guess and it's about how two different ways of seeing how people present and why can clash.
I don't have a big issue with how people present in what we call age regression - the point when you go back into the mindset of being younger and  for us as littles it's to be a child and to act in a child-like mindset  being drawn from your own experiences some of which people may have differing views.
What I have an issue with is some not all in the Sissy community and some in Age Play both of which are in part connected to bdsm and kink who you may encounter in shared spaces where we might play or perhaps be on a site together doing everyday child-like and totally 'safe for work' regression activities who start to bring in sexual or more kink activities to the regressed state especially when it disregards the boundaries of others.
They may even try to drag you into it!
For most of us as in actual childhood that sexual side is and was never a part of it and to the extent as an adult you are sexual, then that belongs in your own bedroom or proper bdsm places.

Typically sissies tend to love more frilly presentations  but as I say being one is fine.
I'm more around uniforms and school role playing than frills although I may sometimes done frills and can't say if encouraged to I wouldn't go the whole nine yards.
Some people in age regression may mix in the kinds of punishment that were part of their own childhoods  or that they may of been curious of such as spanking but generally this happens away from 'common spaces' being just between you and whoever is spanking you. 
I'll be quite honest and say spanking is in age regression for me for what I'd of been back then but your age regression is yours and if you don't wish to have it in there there is no need to and nobody can make you.

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