Monday, January 17, 2011

Resting Bear edition

Pawley (tm)? I, Theodore The Bear, got covered in nasty wet stuff  a few weeks back and my owner had to carefully wash and clean me up. Do you know what it feels like to have stuff land above you head soaking your arms right through? Gives me the shivers to tell you the truth but anyway Jo sorted me out and let's me sleep on the bed though today she's put the spare overs and that on. I've never see her friends bear never mind had tea with them.(sigh)
I have a few companions that I want Jo to show you at some time.
BFN, everyone. Theodore

Just a few words from me, the one who has this blog to say I hope everyone including LBA who flow in from the States who is going to camp has a great time and the weather is kind for you all.
I'm still resting the throat taking lozengers and the like to sooth it here after it went within  an hour at work on Monday which as my role involves talking to people face to face is a bit of a blow.
Thanks to everyone in 'chat' for their sympathies and concern,
Hugs, Jo.

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