Saturday, January 29, 2011

Virtual playground

Following my joining GT and taking part in the forum and messaging a few people who I feel are becoming my LG friends, several people suggested that I join them for the weekly chat as it might help in giving me a space for this side of me plus it's a good way to find out a bit more about what's happening in peoples lives.
I considered what to wear as no one had said anything so decided to put on my t shirt and black Gilberts netball skirt as it was a good reflection of who I was and felt it would enhance the experience if I resembled my LG side whilst doing this. It also is a bit warm where my PC is being near the radiator so anything bulky would be just too hot.
Well the first thing I should say is, I was nervous because I've never ever used a chatroom before in part because some of the software they use was very iffy on my pc and internet connection plus chatrooms generally tend to have a reputation for flaming with other unsavoury things too.Many of the forums I've used have had rambling threads that performed a similar role so there really wasn't much of a point I guess.
Well everyone welcomed me as they dropped in and sadly for two dropped out intermittently as their connections went, something that having the ropiest isp in the district I do have every sympathy with.Naturally I wouldn't reveal anyone's details - in this era of widespread leaking and seemingly no online privacy, I refuse to go along with it - but shall we say people talked about what they had just got or buying such as clothes, dolls, places they'd been to, cartoons, favourite games and then some funny exchanges!
It felt like I was in a virtual school playground enveloped by the love of other girls talking to and gossiping with me.
Because I'm not really well I go to bed earlier compared to others that upon reflection is more appropriate for a LG like me so when to the time to put my Dalmatian jimjams on I announced to everyone that I was going to have leave now.
Now what happened next made an impact on me. One by one everyone wished me sweet dreams for when I joined Funshine Bear in bed and given virtual goodnight kiss which was magical cos everyone remembered I'm 12 really and treated me appropriately something that hasn't happened for a very long time.
This day was a magical day for me because I was, with encouragement and support, able to be my LG self in real time, sharing it with others who treated me like the LG I am from logging in to going to bed and feel my LG spirit is being restored. I had the most fun in absolutely ages.
Posted with thanks to the GT girls.

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