Saturday, July 17, 2010

Keep fit - Past and present

As a child like most we had PE (Physical Exercise) which was never the most popular thing on the subject list. Most of time it would involve things such as doing press ups and generally strengthening our muscles and improving the range of movements we could do using our joints
Sometimes I just miss that PE master or Miss pushing me on!
This said I do exercise a bit even now having back problems and issues with posture generally to help my condition
Getting back into the swing of outdoor exercise such as walking and bit of basic mat PE style exercise indoors like press ups to keep my muscles working something like that with my disabilities it's very good idea to do - and we have rain for much of the week!
So guess what it does? yes, buckets down. Grrr!
Never mind I have a new pair of exercise shorts to wear ready for when the downpours and strong winds stop.

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