Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Doobie Bros: 2006 Japanese remasters

I've always like the Doobie Bros, but recently started collecting their albums on compact disc.
My first discs were regular German copies but I recently saw Rare Waves had these Japanese discs in that looked like a miniaturized lp record and I bought a few to go with the Mofi discs I bought recently such as The Captain and Me.
They look a bit like this:

The gatefold version have a gatefold, the original inner sleeves for the lps are reproduced exactly as they were and the cds feature the original lp label designs used back then.
In addition 'Vices' has the poster too!
The sound quality of these is very good indeed much better than the old German discs that are still on catalogue over here.
WPCR 12349 S/T (1971)
WPCR 12352 What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits (1974) features Black Water
WPCR 12353 Stampede! (1975) Features Take Me In Your Arms
WPCR 12354 Takin' It To The Streets featuring the title track and It Keeps You Runnin'.
WPCR 12355 Livin' On The Fault Line (1977) Features Little Darling and Chinatown
WPCR 12356 Minute By Minute (1979) Features What A Fool Believes
I compared this to the 2005 Audio Fidelity AFZ025 gold disc done by Steve Hoffman and there was just a little bit more detail on that and slightly smoother but the tonality was basically the same and this unlike the Audio Fidelity is in print.
WPCR 12357 One Step Closer (1980) includes Real Love.
Rare Waves has Ebay UK and Amazon UK stores and the service is extremely good.

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