Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I recently bought this complete Prétear collection four DVD set presents the complete series for a total of 13 episodes
Shin Shirayuki Hime Densetsu Pretear is a long title which translates into New Legend of Snow White Pretear. What makes Pretear anime special is the story. Its a magical girl show, but its part Cinderella plus part Snow White and a dash of bishounens! You will see a lot of fairy tale parallels with this anime series.Created by acclaimed animators Kaori Naruse and Junichi Sato (SAILOR MOON), the magical-girl anime series PRÉTEAR centres around 16-year-old Himeno, who's widowed father remarries and moves them to his new wife's palatial island estate.

On her way to school, Himeno meets a little boy who asks her to take his hand. When she does, she faints and later she wakes up staring up at a dark haired bishounen! The bishounen who helps revive her turns out to be Hayate, one of the seven knights of the earth. They were looking for Shin Shirayuki Hime Densetsu Pretear (the legendary magical girl that can help them save the earth from ruin and destruction). Hayate, the more tempermental of the seven believes that Himeno is the girl they are looking for.

The story is not just about Himeno and the seven knights. It is also about her home life and her father, Kaoru. Kaoru and Himeno are very close to each other. Natsue, Kaoru's new wife, is jealous of the closeness that Himeno and Kaoru share. Natsue also has two spoiled daughters, Mawate and Mayune. Her father, Kaoru, is quite enamored with his new wife and the life he lives that he assumes that Himeno is happy too.
With a stern new stepmother and two stepsisters who either taunt or ignore her, Himeno thinks that things can't get any worse--until she is visited by seven mysterious men called the Leafe Knights. Led by the handsome but disdainful Hayate, the knights inform Himeno that she is a magical being with the power to help them battle the evil Princess of Disaster, who is spreading demon larvae in an effort to destroy the world's life force.

Eschewing the genre's typical cutesiness for truly innovative storytelling bolstered by gorgeous animation and exciting action sequences, Prétear is the rare magical-girl anime that appeals to both female and male fans alike.

I quite enjoyed watching this as it deals with sadness, the need to be strong facing down one's demons and the magic of loving another.

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