Thursday, February 5, 2009

Come here now, Miss!

As a child this kind of exultation was commonplace in schools and other places and almost instinctively you stiffened up and look right ahead the minute you heard that phrase.
In my school this was not uncommon.
For example I had and still have great difficult with math struggling to perform basic function but we we taught using the 'whole class' method so the work was set toward the mid to high ability end.
One day, I felt the whole pointlessness of trying to do long division when I couldn't get basic subtraction which part of the way you do it with pen and paper and just refused to do it telling Miss for good measure.
That's when I call the call to come to her desk whereupon she proceed to smack me in front of the whole class saying I was being disrespectful to her and the whole class. Whatever the merits of her argument were it didn't deal with the problem I was having.
Perhaps the most vivid memory I have of what was called school discipline back then was seeing a boy being dragged into a store room after being caught smoking and caned.
 Usually punishments were written up as a record as above.

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