Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sibling Xmas

Just thinking a bit about past Christmas during the build up as I attempt to get my presents organized  as I suddenly remembered one present my brother had during my childhood.
I think most of us had dress up sets such as Cowboy and Indian sets, Nurses and so on but as ever he just had to go that bit better so had something a bit like this.
Well back then things were quite so realistic so we didn't have the backpack but it was white apart from the silver trim around the neck and the chin area of the helmet with a thick acrylic visor.
I think he wore for a good couple of years if my a patchy memory is anything to go by when he played in the house as think he fancied himself as an Astronaut, following the reports on space missions and space Sci-Fi series such as Space 1999, Blacks 7 and so on.

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