Monday, July 2, 2007

A Princess at the School & Manor House School

As you may of gathered I do rather like reading and these are two books I've had since childhood.

These are editions from1970 although they were reprinted by Armada across that decade as I read them at boarding school during that era.
The Manor House School is about a Eleven and Twelve year old girls Cicely and Lindsay who arrive in the Summer Term who find a secret room, hear some voices which leads to a mystery involving a missing fortune which leads them to discover the mystery of Winterburn Manor.
The Princess at the School (originally of the school), written in 1920, is a story of Ingleton children who having been orphaned and their home, Cheverley Chase, has been left to a young cousin who nobody seems to have been met.
Upon meeting cousin Carmel, the children make it plain she isn't welcome but her friendly nature eventually wins them over so while  they lost their original home it seems they've found a new friend.
Stories like that always were a part of my life I enjoyed and while having kept them, I do enjoy revisiting them from time to time.

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