Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Training [Pre blog]

This week I go on special training course for work in the City of Manchester which is in part one to one tuition by a specialist and part putting into action using group role playing what individually what we've been studying. I caught the electric train locally to get to it, walking the short distance from Piccadilly rail station to the city centre having remembered to pick up my mobile phone. The last time I used the trains a lot I didn't have one so it was more about having change for the payphone on the station concourse.
Performing is something I've always loved even if learning lines was nerve wracking, taking part in school plays and assemblies so this bit of the course is something I'm sure I'll enjoy. It appeals to the kid in me.
I met some very nice people of all backgrounds as we chatted over lunch, finding out some still enjoy writing letters to long time friends and how those bonds from their childhood matter to them.
After this course I "Go live" in my new post.

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