Friday, December 19, 2003

Review [Pre blog]

This year had on the face of it started off on a bit of a high as an offer had been made to do some external training at work. I've never had an issue with training or even education in it's broader sense but this was a course taking in being able to do presentations, knowledge around disability issues and legislation and communications skills.
The idea had been really about equipping staff to deliver external training to a very high standard but for me at least it was more about finding more of myself and exploring the idea of a change of direction as I feel underused as a resource and very alienated toward the management system that had changed beyond all recognition since I first joined. 
I've enjoyed the lectures, working on projects and am sure I'll get a good result when the whole thing is marked.
As to what the upcoming year brings I don't know but I sense I wish to make some changes to my life.

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