Thursday, October 1, 1998

Lost Ones [Pre-blog]

I've just returned from the City Centre HMV store after watching Trevor Nelson's The Click show on MTV, the satellite based R&B show on the tv that's increasingly is the main music program I watch.
Lauryn Hill's Doo Wop (That Thing) has been topping the R&B chart for a few weeks now and I bought today the album it's from, the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, listening to coming back on the bus.

That's possible cause ever since February '97 I've had MiniDiscs that give much much of the quality of cd in a smaller more convenient  form and I now have a portable player so taking the disc out of the case I just slot it in the player.

I bought this on pre-recorded MiniDisc.
It came out a short while back, late August and it's taken this long to register with me as I'm not really a hip-hop fan, not that haven't bought the odd 12 inch before now but this feels different.
In the first instance it's a great mixture of soul, reggae and hip-hop with a churchy feel like traditional soul which I like.
It ties into something I'm feeling more of too that is theirs a album length skit starting from the school buzzer  an class registration about the meaning of love as the students discuss this, lead by their teacher. I actually wanna be back in that situation and I sure don't feel grown up at all.
The subject Lauryn sings and raps about is just that the meaning of love, what womanhood means, self respect and sacrifice even with great  fervour and passion which I feel is important and her lyrics are helping me think more about what the girl within feels.
Love this album.
Postscript: It stayed in my player for getting on for two years in heavy rotation and has been a great influence on my thinking.

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