Friday, November 24, 1989

Lingerie time [Pre-blog]

I was busy working today and had some time to kill before I left for home.
This thing has been bugging me for decades certainly past being 12 and it's why for all my gender issues and the rubbish I've endured, have I never actually gone out and bought myself lingerie? Is it that I'm just too embarrassed to be seen looking through the displays and to be holding them at the sales counter, like if someone I know just happens to see me?
Darn it, I want to know so today I actually and deliberately walked into a high street lingerie store and with the aid of the female assistants bought myself several pretty pairs with bows on, nothing really hot, just regular pretty to wear under my slacks while I'm in vanillaville.
The funny thing was I didn't phaze the staff out and and they made me feel comfortable during the whole time.

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