Sunday, January 5, 1986

Playing back the past [Pre-blog]

I'm listening this lunchtime time to  a Radio Show called The Old Record Club presented on England's Radio One by the presenter Jimmy Saville. He presents it in a "Triple Top Ten" format looking at three years charts per week, this week 1982, 1976 and 1971 where he plays and talks about the records.
I'm finding it is bring back my memories  of those years that had been buried, years I spent in school with friends and feel my childhood matters to me for the first time.
Post script for 2012.
The presenter was unmasked for offences against children, full details being available online in all the usual sites something feel I strongly about, however this show he presented did help me to piece together my past inspiring me to deal with unresolved issues in a way few other things did so for me this memory remains a good one.

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